QURE App for Vendors

QURE App for Vendors

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Are you a healthcare service professional and/or provider who would like to expand your reach to help every Filipino where connectivity permits? The Qure app gives you the opportunity to do this and more. With its detailed platform and convenient features, this digital one-stop shop makes an excellent avenue for vendors like you to connect with clients and provide them with the healthcare essentials and services they need.

Who Can Partner with Qure?

1. Doctors/Licensed Physicians

Weary of wondering why patients often miss their scheduled appointments? Worry no further because Qure provides a solution to just about every possible no-show reason. Improve your overall doctor-patient experience with a digital connection! With Qure, your patients can skip the long queues, give ratings faster, and easily remember their booked appointments with a push notification. Now, doctors know where to sign up and set up an online consultation.

2. Nurses, Aides, and Caregivers

Many patients seek the kind of care that only you can give. With Qure, you can assist people in their journey to recovery—all with a few taps on your smartphone. Align your calendar with your clients and notify them without a hassle in case of cancelations, with its built-in notification feature.

3. Medical Technologists and Laboratories

Timely and accurate diagnostic information empowers healthcare professionals to make clinical decisions that optimize patient outcomes. Join Qure and be a part of a competent team that commits to timely delivery of patients’ diagnostics and imaging needs.

4. Drugstores and Medical Supplies

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring life-saving medicine and supplies closer to those who need them? Now you don’t have to set up an online pharmacy that could be cumbersome to manage on your own. Take advantage of the Qure app and bring healthcare essentials affordable and accessible to your target market.

5. Veterinary Clinics and Pet Facilities

Filipinos are all about family and their furry members are of no exception. Look after every household’s health and wellbeing including their pets. Expand your market and find potential clients within your area with Qure. As a veterinarian or a pet supply dealer, you may tap Qure to help you in your operations.

6. Nutritionists, Wellness Specialists and Facilities

Wellness goes beyond attending scheduled check-ups and taking maintenance medications; instead, it’s all about living a healthy and fulfilling life. Promote and inspire the pursuit of activities and choices that lead to a state of holistic health. With Qure, you can pave the road for every Filipino to meet optimal health and experience true wellness.

What are Qure’s Features?

1. User Friendly Interface

With a compact and easy-to-use dashboard, Qure allows its users and vendors to easily navigate through the various functionalities of the application.

2. Push Notifications

Push notifications make communication between users and vendors smooth, fast and easy!

3. Vendor Perks

Qure is packed with helpful features for its vendors which include the following:

  • Dedicated and password-protected account
  • Profile display with a brief description of your credentials
  • Organized modules that are grouped according to service, specialization, and proximity (Geo-location).
  • Efficient search engine with predictive text and drop down feature to easily find preferred vendors
  • Calendar display of up to 6 months that allows your clients to conveniently book online and/or onsite appointments.
  • Auto-system confirmation that follows a Pay First Scheme and aids a No Show No Refund Policy
  • Safe and convenient portal where laboratory results, prescriptions and other healthcare related documents can be uploaded, shared and/or consolidated
  • For Drugstores: An in-house pharmacist to read traditional/short hand written prescription uploaded in the application
  • Star-rating for reviews
  • An optional add-on service for accounting & data management for those on a paid subscription

*Commission for service varies and are computed after applicable Senior Citizen and PWD discounts.

Be a part of Qure.ph now! Sign up here and join an innovation that promises to give every Filipino the care and QURE that they deserve.







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