Qure: Helping find a qure for every Filipino

Qure: Helping find a qure for every Filipino

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Get rid of multiple health apps and install Qure – your one-stop health shop app that’s curated by Filipinos for Filipinos. Have access to online doctor consultations, veterinary appointments, pharmaceutical purchases and other health-related services with the Qure app.

What is Qure?

Qure is a web-based app suited to cater your medical needs and wellness services.  It aims to provide for services across the healthcare continuum. At present, Qure focuses on appointment setting, online purchases and deliveries from partner pharmacies, and on-demand teleconsultation. Talk about setting appointments right at your fingertips!

These appointments include doctors including remote consultation with specialists, laboratories, vet clinics, nursing care, and wellness, including nutrition and fitness centers. For issuance of drug prescriptions, Qure has an uploading system for traditional or e-prescriptions. Same goes with lab requests, lab results, medical certifications, letter of hospital admission, as well as, letter of recommendation with brief description or credentials of the attending physician.

Qure offers convenience for buying medicines online. Receiving medicine right at your doorstep has been the new normal, and Qure app is helping you achieve that. With Cash on Delivery available up to P2,500 worth of medicines and a same-day delivery of your purchases, your new buying experience should be seamless, digital, and hassle-free.

Is it for free or for a fee?

Qure app can be downloaded through the Qure website at www.qure.ph for free and will soon be available for free on both IOS and Android. However, services provided by healthcare providers will be subject to a fee, depending on the type of service or products to be acquired. To maximize your time and schedule especially if you’re busy, you can book appointments ahead for up to six months early and get notified a day ahead of your confirmed schedule. Qure users simply pay before an appointment and/or purchase is confirmed, with the amount held in escrow for the user’s protection. If things don’t go as planned, you can rebook your appointment at least three (3) working days prior to that appointment – absolutely free of charge! Please remember that rebooking is subject to the calendar availability of the healthcare provider. Should the appointment not push through as planned through no fault of the patient/user, a refund may be deposited into your account via the Qure wallet. For all other concerns, reach out to Qure.ph via www.help@qure.ph.

Self-love or Self-care?

Of course, healthcare is not only limited to doctor consultation and drug prescription. Your wellness includes aesthetics, fitness, and nutrition. You will have access to beauty treatments, facials, lasers, body treatments and other services of such nature through the same app. Setting appointments for yoga, Zumba and gym classes will also be made available through Qure. Busy week? Book and pamper yourself with their body massage deals and spa treatments.

The best part? It’s like having your own virtual assistant! You won’t forget your sessions because its push notifications will remind you a day before your confirmed appointment. Watch out for gift cards, coupon codes and promos.

What about my pets?

Yes, what about my pets, you say? Most of us treat pets like family. We feel you. We hear you. Through Qure, gain access to nearby vet clinic affiliates and book for medical-related services such as consultation, laboratory, basic grooming, deworming, vaccination, anti-rabies injection and even flea removal. Plus, this time, you don’t need to put that vacation or staycation on hold. If you need a place to leave your pets and have someone look after them, Qure can give you a list of partners who offer boarding services for your furry friends at a friendly rate.

Need help?

Do you need an extra pair of hands? Is your plate full at the moment? In Qure, you will also gain access to Nursing Care with two options: home care and hospital care. A brief description or credentials of the nurse or aide will be made available to you. Like all other appointment settings, you can book for up to six months and reschedule three days prior should there be any foreseen change of events. Geo-location feature of the app will allow you to know the nearest available aide to support you in these busy times.

Of course we value your feedback, so in Qure, we have made a star rating system and a complaint ticketing system available to you.

Grab this chance to modernize your health and wellness habits—all in just one app. You know you deserve this because Every Filipino deserves a Qure


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