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Every Filipino deserves a Qure.

Qure is an app that offers integrated health solutions.

Posted by Qure on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Anything and Everything, Anytime, Anywhere
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Doctor Appointments

Tired of calling every hospital or clinic near you just to set an appointment? Qure helps you find specialists from all over the country with just a few clicks on your smartphone. You can now skip long waiting lines, get faster feedback, and easily remember your doctor appointments with Qure’s push notifications.


Save on travel time and limit hospital exposure with Qure online consultations. For all your urgent health concerns, prescription needs, referral letters for hospital admission, medical certificates or laboratory requests, you can consult a doctor of your choice, 24/7. Secure a slot for up to 6 months with specialists and reschedule at least 3 days before for free.

Laboratory Appointments

From routine to major diagnostic tests and imaging, Qure can help you secure a schedule. Pick a laboratory near you, find deals on testing packages, get alerts on your phone to remind you of your upcoming test, and easily view your schedules on your Qure calendar.

Prescriptions, OTC Medicines & Medical Supplies to be Delivered at Your Doorstep

No need to get out of the house to get your maintenance, other essential medicine and medical supply. With Qure, you can have medicines and medical supplies delivered to your home through our partner pharmacies and medical suppliers. Cash on delivery is available up to P2,000 worth of medicines/medical supplies, with same day shipping at buyer’s cost.


Find irresistible wellness and beauty deals on Qure. Relax your mind and body with facials, skin treatments, spa, and other health and wellness packages. Get moving on the road to fitness with workouts, and Zumba or yoga classes; or, easily create a meal plan with help from our partner nutritionists.

Nursing Care

Need a hand? Tap Nursing Care services on your Qure app to help look after your loved ones. With Qure’s geo-location feature, you can immediately find professionals available near you. Set an appointment for up to 6 months, and get notified a day ahead of confirmed schedule.

Veterinary Services For Your Pets

Pets are family and Qure can help you help them when needed. Consult a veterinarian near you, buy medicines for your furry friends, or schedule procedures and other services like basic grooming, anti-rabies vaccination, deworming, blood test, anti-flea, and more. Need to go out of town? You can also tap boarding services for your pets on your Qure app.

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